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Sonority Review


My Review And Company Demo Of Sonority Commercial, As Well As OTOs & Bonuses:

There is a handful of A.I.-generated voice software that you can get for free or for purchase. Unfortunately, most of them are either artificial sounding or you will have to go through many complicated steps just to get it to work.

In comes Sonority Commercial. It’s easy to use and voices are human-like. This software also does one more thing: it creates 100% royalty-free music. Gone are the days of looking for royalty-free music for hours on end. With this software, you can pick what Category, Style, and Mood you want and it instantly creates the type of music you’re looking for. Didn’t like it? No sweat, just let the A.I. create another one for you.

0:00 – Intro and Bonuses
0:41 – Sonority Commercial Features
1:50 – Company Demo (By Sonority A.I. voiceovers and A.I.-generated music!)
4:04 – Sonority Commercial Cost: $47
4:42 – OTO #1: Sonority Unlimited: $197
5:14 – OTO #2: Sonority Pro: $67
6:29 – OTO #3: Sonority Agency: $67
7:53 – OTO #4: CourseReel: $67
8:26 – OTO #5: PlayerNeos: $47
9:27 – Sonority Pros & Cons
11:08 – Conclusion, 14-Day Full Refund, & Bonuses

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